On September 2-3, 2011, the Sara B. Aleshire Center for the Study of Greek Epigraphy, in collaboration with the Collège de France, and with the generous financial support of the France-Berkeley Fund and the Doreen B. Townsend Center for the Humanities, organized an international symposium entitled “The Epigraphy and History of Boeotia: New Finds, New Developments”.


Day 1 (Friday, September 2)



Session 1: The New Epigraphy of Thebes

* V. Aravantinos, Inscriptions from the Temenos of Herakles at Thebes (9.20-10.00)

* A. P. Matthaiou, Two new bronze tablets from Thebes (10.00-10.40)

Discussion (10.40-11.00)

* N. Papazarkadas & V. Aravantinos, New Theban Epigrams (11.00-11.40)

* M. Bonanno-Aravantinos, New Inscribed Funerary Stelai from Thebes (11.40-12.20)

Discussion (12.20-12.40)


Session 2:  Boeotian Epigraphy: Beyond Thebes, part 1

* C. Grenet, The Chronology of the Chaironeian Slave-Dedications: New Considerations (3.10-3.50)

* I. Pernin, Land Administration and Property Law in the Proconsular Edict from Thisbe, Syll.3 884. (3.50-4.30 pm)

Discussion (4.30-4.50)

* F. Marchand, Theos Tauros in Thespiai (4.50-5.30)

Discussion (5.30-5.40)

Day 2 (Saturday, September 3)


Session 3:  Boeotian Epigraphy: Beyond Thebes, part 2

* Y. Kalliontzis, Digging in Storerooms of Antiquities: Unpublished Inscriptions from the Archaeological Museum of Thebes (9.20-10.00)

* A. Robu, The Epigraphy of Hellenistic Megara: Towards a New Chronology (10.00-10.40)

Discussion (10.40-11.00)

* R. Pitt, Contractors and Temple Builders at Lebadeia (11.00-11.40)

Discussion (11.40-11.50)


Session 4: Boetian History: New Interpretations

* E. Mackil, Creating a Common Polity: Religion, Economy, and Politics in the Making of the Boiotian Koinon (2.10-2.50)

* C. Müller, A koinon after 146? Reflections on the political and  institutional situation of Boeotia in the second half of the 2nd century B.C. (2.50-3.30)

Discussion: (3.30-3.50)

*  H. Beck, The language of (dis)unity. Ethnic identity and integration in Boeotian epigraphy (3.50-4.30)

* D. Knoepfler, ΕΧΘΟΝΔΕ ΤΑΣ ΒΟΙΩΤΙΑΣ: The Expansion of the Boiotian Koinon towards Central Euboia in the beginning of the 3rd century B.C (4.30-5.10)

Discussion (5.10-5.30)


6.00-7.00: Round Table: Towards a new corpus of Boeotian inscriptions (IG VII2)


The proceedings of the symposium The Epigraphy and History of Boeotia: New Finds, New Prospects were edited by N. Papazarkadas and published in 2014 by Brill Publishers.