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Searches for inscriptions from the IG corpus should take the form (for example) "IG I(3).1.10" rather than "IG I3 1.10". A citation like this may be entered in the general search box or entered piecemeal in the "Corpus/Vol/Ed" and "Corpus Doc. #" fields. The Volume field should include the volume number, edition (in parentheses), and fascicle number, if any, preceded by a period. In the example given above, you would enter "IG I(3).1" in the "Volume" field, and "10" in the Corpus Doc. #" field. Entering "IG I(3)" in the "Corpus/Vol/Ed" field will yield all squeeze and photo holdings of texts from that volume. Other corpora (e.g. SEG, Hesperia) may be searched using the same principles (as relevant). Users can also browse content by city, region, inscription type, century, and any combination of the above. 

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