Epigraphy Workshop

An informal gathering to discuss new inscriptions and new approaches to well established texts.

The text discussed at each meeting is pre-circulated and available to faculty and students of AHMA and Classics (and others upon request to the director of the Center) at http://bspace.berkeley.edu.

Past Workshops

March 30, 2022: "Cuncta per consules incipiebant: A New Document on the Accession of Tiberius" - Flavio Santini, AHMA-Berkeley (5-6pm, 310 Dwinelle)

October 19, 2017: "The Cow and the Panoply" – Eric Driscoll, AHMA-Berkeley (4-5pm, 310 Dwinelle)

April 10, 2014: "The Restoration of Athenian Democracy in 403 BCE: New Epigraphic Evidence" - Georgia E. Malouchou, Archaeological Society of Athens (4-5pm, 7205 Dwinelle)

November 20, 2012: "Tales of dreams and healing: the iamata of Asklepios from Epidauros" - Michael Zellmann-Rohrer, UCB (4-5pm, 7205 Dwinelle)

February 24, 2012: "Priceless (ANEY TIMHΣ): A New Letter (?) of Eumenes II to the Military Settlers of Apollonioucharax" – Noah Kaye, UCB (4-5pm, 7205 Dwinelle)

September 6, 2011: "The Athenian treaty with Samos IG I(3) 48 revisited - Angelos P. Matthaiou, Greek Epigraphic Society (5-6pm, 7205 Dwinelle)

November 4, 2010: "Money exchange in the ancient Greek world: A view from the inscriptions" - Alain Bresson, University of Chicago (4-5pm, 7205 Dwinelle)

November 19, 2009: "The Athenian Casualty Lists: Monuments of Defeat?" - Nathan Arrington, UCB (4-5pm, 7205 Dwinelle)

December 2, 2008: "New inscriptions from Segobriga, Spain" - Carlos Norena, UCB (4-5pm, 7205 Dwinelle Hall)

November 13, 2008: "Entella and the little koina of western Sicily" - Randall Souza, UCB (1-2pm, 7205 Dwinelle Hall)

April 8, 2008: "An Attic Thiasos with a woman in charge" - R. Stroud, UCB (4-5pm, 7205 Dwinelle Hall)

March 4, 2008: "A new proxeny decree from Siphnos" - N. Papazarkadas, UCB (4-5pm, 7205 Dwinelle Hall)

February 5, 2008: "Greeks in Central Asia: A success story in a new Hellenistic epigram from Kandahar (Afghanistan)" - A. Bulloch, UCB (4-5pm, 7205 Dwinelle Hall)

October 19, 2007: "A new inscription of the Boiotian koinon" - E. Mackil, UCB (12-1pm, 7205 Dwinelle Hall)